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siemens 6FC4600-0AR04
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Siemens 12 inch color monitor


  • Siemens Colour 12" CRT Monitor Unit
  • Siemens System 805 CNC controlled Machine Display
  • Superior LCD Replacement of 6FC4600-0AR04
  • Rebuild using your metalwork.
  • 2 year warranty throughout Asia Pacific.

siemens 6fc4600

Price: $POA AUD outright NEW.

6FC4600-0AR04 monitor description

Researching, developing and offer rebuilds of the 6FC4600-0AR04 since 2005 with then CRT and now LCD versions, in which we have done several of the 12" colour video display units utilisting customers own metalwork, as we still have not hit the threshold to make an off the shelve solution practical yet. The Siemens 6FC4600-0AR04 12" colour FARBE video monitor is one of the 4 color 12" monitors that were fitted on a variety of controls though this one is for the Siemens Series 805 control system. The original was built by Siemens of Germany and fitted in machines usually in the automotive industry. CNC Asia's LCD rebuild of the Siemens 6FC4600-0AR04 is stunning. The Siemens 6FC4600-0AR04 color 12" monitor display comes with a standard 2 year warranty.


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