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siemens 6fc3988-7af01
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Siemens 9 inch monochrome green


  • Siemens Mono 9" CRT Monitor Unit
  • Siemens CNC controlled Machine Display
  • Superior CRT Replacement of 6FC3988-7AF01
  • Same Metalwork case dimensions and connectors.
  • 1 year warranty throughout Asia Pacific.

Price: $POA AUD outright NEW.

6FC3988-7AF01 monitor description

Researching, developing and building the monochrome 6FC3988-7AF01 replacement equivalents since 1999 over 9 years with several incarnations throughout the group of the Siemens 6FC3988-7AF01 9" mono green video display unit / monitor for control series 3, 8, 810 systems. The original unit was manufactured either by Siemens or under licence to other Monitor manufacturers within Europe, was fitted on lots of Siemens CNC based machine tools, and CNC Drives & Controls always has stock of replacements to drop straight in place of the OEM unit. CNC Asia's CRT 6FC3988-7AF01 is stunning, with a sharp picture with adjustable contrast, and brightness levels to suit the environment of the machine tool for which it is destined. The Siemens 6FC3988-7AF01 green 9" monitor display comes with a standard 1 year warranty.


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