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CNC for the Asia Pacific carry General Electric 1050 and 2000 power supply units. Stock is available for the 1050 Hl and 1050 HLX controls, as exchange parts - though testing repair can be offered on most GE 1050 power supplies, including the 3N8100PS106A1. CNC offer brand new replacement GE2000 power supply units for the 2000 MC and TC control units, as well as DC-DC converters built within our group available immediately for your breakdown. General Electric power supply unit axis boards covered include; Warranty on exchange power supply units for GE 1050 controls is 180 days, 2 year warranty on the new replacement GE 2000 system power supply unit, and the GE2000 DC-DC Convertor built by us for your CNC machine tool.

GE POWER SUPPLY UNITS (1050 Exchange / 2000 Replacement)
general electric 2000 power supply unit 259A9443P2
  • 259A9443P2
  • 44A718641
  • 44A719978


  • 3N8100PS102A2
  • 3N8100PS103B1
  • 3N8100PS104C1
  • 3N8100SP106A1
  • 3N8100SP107A1
ge power supply unit

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