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CNC Asia supply a variety of fuses for CNC machine tools utilising a mass of different MFG's fuses over the last 30 years. Carrying clear-up fuses for drive units, pcb and power supply fuses for control systems. CNC offer a massive stock of Fuji, Diato, Kyosan, Hinode of which glass, plastic and metal of ratings 0.1amp through to 300 amp for the bigger clearup fuses. The Fuses were fitted in literally millions of different parts for varying CNC control manufacturers (Fuji, Yaskawa, Okuma, Mitsubishi, Fanuc) equipment throughout the entire machine tools industry of the Asia Pacific region. CNC will supply from as many fuses as you want to just 1 if that all you need to fix your CNC drive, CNC control, CNC power supply or any other part of your CNC machine tool. In stock - CNC fuses

FUJI FUSES: Significant stock of Fuji Clearup fuses from 50 Amp small versions to large 200 and 200 amp clear-ups for a variety of manufacturers drives.

fuji fuse

kyosan fuses
KYOSAN FUSES: A limited selection of Kyosan clear-up fuses for most Japanese drive manufacturers, from 25 amp to 150 amp.
Diato Fuses: Glass, Green plastic, Black plastic MP, SMP, HM, LM, GP series
diato fuse
  • Hinode Fuses: Similar to Kyosan and Fuji - Clearup fuses for Japanese drive manufacturers
cnc fuses

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